Apple Increasing Services Prices in U.S. and Beyond →

Apple is rolling out increased pricing for several services today, as reported by Joe Rossignol:

In the U.S., these are the first-ever price increases for Apple Arcade and Apple News+ since the services launched in November 2019, while Apple TV+ had its first price increase from $4.99 per month to $6.99 per month in October 2022.

Here are the increases customers in the United States will see:

  • Apple TV+: $6.99/month → $9.99/month
  • Apple Arcade: $4.99/month → $6.99/month
  • Apple News+: $9.99/month → $12.99/month

As a result, the costs of Apple One bundles are also increasing:

  • Individual: $16.95/month → $19.95/month
  • Family: $22.95/month → $25.95/month
  • Premier: $32.95/month → $37.95/month

I really hope no one is paying $12.99/month just for Apple News+.