Generative AI Fill in Photoshop Feels Like Magic

A few years ago, I took a Halloween photo that I really like. It’s of my wife Merri, dressed as a hot dog:

Hot dog Merri

I recently wanted to use it as a wallpaper on my iPhone, but its landscape nature didn’t really play nicely with the modern lock screen.1 Then I remembered that Photoshop has a bunch of AI tools, and after some tinkering with its generative fill feature, I had something that worked pretty well:

Hot dog Merri wallpaper

The work isn’t perfect, and if you pixel peep things get a little weird in the new tree line, but given the fact that all of that is out of focus thanks to the original photo, I’m pretty happy with it.

She’s going to kill me when she sees this on the Internet.

  1. After he saw this post, Myke Hurley texted me saying that this would be a great feature for Apple to add the lock screen configurator tools in iOS. He’s totally right about that.