The Six Colors iPhone 15 Pro Review →

Jason Snell, writing on Six Colors:

iPhone designs change at a glacial pace. It’s rare that a new iPhone looks completely unlike the previous model. They’ve all looked more or less the same since the iPhone X ditched the home button back in 2017. Careful observation indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro design is different from the iPhone 14 Pro, which is different from the iPhone 13 Pro—but the external differences are extremely subtle.

This is okay. The iPhone is clearly on a multi-decade trajectory toward becoming a thin, featureless slab of glass. In the meantime, Apple keeps varying materials and colors and upgrading the processors and cameras in order to ensure that people buying a new iPhone will find it at least somewhat different from the ones in their pockets.

It may not be logical, but it’s absolutely true that after spending around $1000 on a new phone, I don’t want it to be exactly like the one it’s replacing. What’s the fun in that?

I always look forward to Jason writing about new iPhones, and I really enjoyed this review and the consumer advice at the end of it.