Kbase Article of the Week: About Stolen Device Protection for iPhone →

With iOS 17.3, Apple has (optionally) made it more difficult for someone with your iPhone and PIN to lock you out of your Apple ID:

Stolen Device Protection adds a layer of security when your iPhone is away from familiar locations, such as home or work, and helps protect your accounts and personal information in case your iPhone is ever stolen.

This extra security comes in two forms:

  • Face ID or Touch ID biometric authentication: Some actions such as accessing stored passwords and credit cards require a single biometric authentication with Face ID or Touch ID — with no passcode alternative or fallback — so that only you can access these features.
  • Security Delay: Some security actions such as changing your Apple ID password also require you to wait an hour and then perform a second Face ID or Touch ID authentication.

This comes almost a year after Joanna Stern and Nicole Nguyen reported on the issue, which was eye-opening to many of us. I instantly turned this on, and you should too.