iFixit Tears Down a Vision Pro →

I have been waiting for this since June of last year:

We knew it would be tough to get inside (it was). We hoped we wouldn’t break anything (we did). But we knew it would be worth it to see all the new technology Apple squeezed into this thing, from the EyeSight display to the sensor array, the external battery back to the R1 chip. We brought in the heavy hitters for this teardown, including x-ray views of the frame and high-resolution microscope shots of the displays.

We’ve got a lot of observations, some opinions, and a couple educated guesses about why we got the Vision Pro we have today on the teardown table. There is a lot in this device, so we’re splitting our analysis into two, with more detail on the lens system and silicon coming in a few days.

Let’s go spelunking into a never-before-explored cave of glass.

There’s a video as well:

The level of engineering in this thing is just next-level. It’s amazing what the folks in Cupertino can do.