Odysseus Lunar Lander Tipped Over (Updated) →

Cheyenne MacDonald, writing at Engadget:

It turns out Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus spacecraft didn’t land upright after all. In a press conference with NASA Friday evening, the company revealed the lander is laying on its side after coming in a little faster than expected, likely catching its foot on the surface at the moment of landing. Fortunately, Odysseus is positioned in such a way that its solar panels are still getting enough light from the sun to keep it charged, and the team has been able to communicate with it. Pictures from the surface should be coming soon.

While the initial assessment was that Odysseus had landed properly, further analysis indicated otherwise. Intuitive Machines CEO and co-founder Steve Altemus said “stale telemetry” was to blame for the earlier reading.

The good news is that all but one of the payloads are on the upward-facing side, so some scientific work may still be able to get done, assuming the lander continues to function as expected.

Update: It looks like the lander will have a much shorter life than expected, possibly ceasing communication as early as February 27.