Mac Power Users #738: Apple Collecting 101 →

This week on the podcast, I walk David through the ins and outs of collecting old Apple gear, and we take the wraps off an MPU redesign.

This episode was finally enough to get me to finish documenting my collection. You can check out the full inventory via this Google Sheet.

Let’s talk about the MPU redesign. First up is our new artwork, which you can see here, along with its predecessors:

MPU Evolution

As you can see, we’ve kept the battery, but modernized it, and have changed the main show color to orange, a personal favorite of both of us. The MPU green is still the main color for the longer, ad-free version, however.

To go along with the new look, we have new music, put together by our editor, Jim Metzendorf. I am in love with the new intro music: