NASA’s Solar Eclipse Explorer →

A week from today, a large portion of the United States will be witness to a solar eclipse. Here in Memphis, we’ll see 97.7% coverage at 1:56 PM CDT. I’ll be traveling with my family to Arkansas, to experience 100% coverage. NASA has published a website that will tell you what to expect at your location.

I just hope the forecasts for clouds turn out to be wrong.

Solar Eclipse

We also traveled for the 2017 eclipse, and it was incredible. Jason Snell and I spoke about our experiences on episode 54 of Liftoff.

I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t try to photograph it unless you’re an expert. Soak it in, and then download some sick wallpapers from NASA the next day.
  2. Buy and use eclipse-ready glasses, and make sure your kids do, too.