Humane AI Pin Reviews Are Here →

David Pierce has reviewed the Humane AI Pin, and it seems pretty, pretty, pretty bad. We already knew — from Humane’s recent video — that the device could be quite slow to respond. That was after the initial video, which was full of examples of the Pin giving downright incorrect information in response to requests.

Product videos (even bad ones) are one thing; reviews are another. Here’s Pierce, writing for The Verge:

I came into this review with two big questions about the AI Pin. The first is the big-picture one: is this thing… anything? In just shy of two weeks of testing, I’ve come to realize that there are, in fact, a lot of things for which my phone actually sucks. Often, all I want to do is check the time or write something down or text my wife, and I end up sucked in by TikTok or my email or whatever unwanted notification is sitting there on my screen. Plus, have you ever thought about how often your hands are occupied with groceries / clothes / leashes / children / steering wheels, and how annoying / unsafe it is to try to balance your phone at the same time? I’ve learned I do lots of things on my phone that I might like to do somewhere else. So, yeah, this is something. Maybe something big. AI models aren’t good enough to handle everything yet, but I’ve seen enough glimmers of what’s coming that I’m optimistic about the future.

That raises the second question: should you buy this thing? That one’s easy. Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. The AI Pin is an interesting idea that is so thoroughly unfinished and so totally broken in so many unacceptable ways that I can’t think of anyone to whom I’d recommend spending the $699 for the device and the $24 monthly subscription.

Don’t miss the part where he describes it as a hand warmer, which others noticed as well.