macOS Sequoia’s Default Wallpaper (Updated)

macOS Sequoia has been announced and it comes with a couple of colorful new default wallpapers. However, Apple has changed where these images are stored on disk, and all I have found so far is the Light version of the image:

macOS Sequoia

Download 6K version here.

In the mean time, I’ve got 16×9 versions of both the Light and Dark variants. They aren’t quite as high-res as the files that come with macOS itself, but they’ll work pretty well for now:

Download full-sized copies here:

UPDATE: I have heard from several Little Birdies that the default wallpapers in Sequoia aren’t in the traditional location in the file system because they aren’t traditional wallpapers.

According to these Birdies, the Light Mode image is a .heic file as it has been in the past, but the dark mode version is made programmatically by the system and doesn’t live on disk as a regular image file.

That’s a huge bummer; the dark mode image is fun and having it in the full 6016×6016 resolution would be great.