Sponsor: Unite 5 Turns Web Apps Into Supercharged macOS Apps →

Unite 5 for macOS takes your web experience to the next level, transforming websites into feature-rich Mac apps. Powered by a completely redesigned WebKit browser, Unite 5 offers a more immersive and customizable browsing experience.

Unite 5

What sets Unite 5 apart? We’ve gone beyond just app conversion. Our new intricate link-forwarding rules give you unparalleled control over web interactions, making your web apps smarter and more integrated than ever before.

Some highlights of Unite 5:

  • Advanced Link-Forwarding: Navigate your web apps like a pro.
  • Revamped Browser Engine: Faster, more reliable, and tailored for macOS.
  • Enhanced Customization: More ways to make your web apps truly yours.

Create powerful web apps in seconds, such as:

  • A Gmail client that integrates seamlessly with macOS.
  • A resource-efficient Slack or Discord app with full notification support.
  • A dedicated AI app for ChatGPT or Claude.AI
  • A Robinhood or Figma app that feels native on your desktop.

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Experience Unite 5 for yourself with a 14-day free trial, or access it as part of a Setapp subscription.