Welcome to Macintosh: Xs and OSes »

I joined Mark Bramhill for a bonus episode of his excellent podcast, Welcome to Macintosh:

Apple recently released macOS Sierra, the latest version of the Mac operating system. It had new features in it, but one of the most notable changes was something it left out — the X, the Roman numeral 10, from the name. It’s a small, unimportant change, but it’s kind of the end of an era.

Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 »

Mark Bramhill’s Welcome to Macintosh is one of my all-time favorite nerdy podcasts. He is looking to bring it back for a third season, and has launched a Kickstarter project to do it:

Season 3 of Welcome to Macintosh is the most ambitious season to date. The stories I’m working on require traveling across the country, reporting on events, working with designers — and these expenses add up. Advertising helps, but the money only comes in after the episodes have been released. In the past, I’ve paid for expenses out of pocket and just trusted that things would work out. But that’s not sustainable, and it limits what I’m able to do and what stories I can tell.