Macworld 2009 Predictions 

Here we go.

Preview of Snow Leopard – 100% Chance of Happening
Since 10.6 is all about “under the hood” work, expect a bunch of graphs showing how awesome it is. Also expect a vague release date of “Summer 2009.” Maybe a refined user interface (more iTunes, less Aqua) will surface.

A Revised Mac mini – 90% Chance of Happening
The little guy has been neglected by Apple for the past year, with the last update to the machine made in 2007. Rumors have it that the new Mini will be beefier than it’s predecessors. One can hope.

A Revised iMac – 75% Chance of Happening
If it the new round of iMacs are just “speed bump” upgrades, expect a press release, but it the rumors of quad-core, 28-inch iMacs are to be believed, Phil will talk about them.

Unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro – 75% Chance of Happening
Just a matter of time till this beast of a notebook gets unleashed. The rumor-mill has the new unit sporting a hidden battery, like the MacBook Air. If Apple can justify it with some crazy-awesome battery life, I’ll be okay with it. At the very least, I won’t be surprised by it. Again, this may be a press release deal, not worthy of the Philnote.

iWork & iLife 09 – Read the Details
I’m 75% sure that Phil will demo the new software suites tomorrow. I’m 40% sure they will be released when Snow Leopard is, and 20% sure that they will include some type of online, cloud-based service that is optional. The rumors of iLife/iWorks apps being 100% online is (in my opinion) 0% true.

iPhone Nano – 40% Chance of Happening
Yes, Apple did splinter the iPod family into the Classic, Nano, Mini, and Shuffle, but I’m not sure the world is ready for a smaller iPhone. Plus, the 3G models have been out since July. Then again, where can Apple go in the future? AT&T’s 3G is barely tolerable, with 4G nowhere to be seen.

iPhone OS Updates – 40% Chance of Happening
How do you spell Apple’s “push notification system?” V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E. Maybe Phil will announce it. Maybe not.

Mac Pro Refresh – 30% Chance of Happening
The Mac Pro needs an update- badly. Press release only, unless they do something crazy.

Mac NetBook – 10% Chance of Happening
Too soon. But if Apple does (ever) produce a netbook, it will blow your socks off.

Mac Tablet – 1% Chance of Happening
This rumor just won’t die, but the Mac Tablet just won’t come alive.

My Off-the-Wall, Dreams-Come-True Prediction:
Home Media Server – The AppleTV and Mac mini become one, with some Time Capsule there on the side. iTunes and files, across the house or across the Internet.