How To Use Dropbox to Sync Safari History and Bookmarks Across Macs

After leaving MobileMe, I learned about Foxmarks, which touted itself as a great way to sync Safari bookmarks across Macs, but I found it less than stable, especially on my work machine. So after some head scratching, I am now using my Dropbox account to sync Safari’s history and bookmarks across my Macs.

The process is actually very simple – just make sure Safari is closed before you start. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On the machine that will serve as the basis for future bookmarks and history information, move the ~/Library/Safari folder to your Dropbox.
  2. Open Terminal and run the command below. Point the first part of the command to where your Dropbox lives – mine is on my Desktop, and I wanted the data inside a folder named “Safari.”

ln -s ~/Desktop/Dropbox/Safari/ ~/Library/Safari

  1. On your other Macs, delete the ~/Library/Safari folder and run the command in Terminal.

The process basically creates a shortcut in your library where the Safari folder normally is, and points it to Dropbox. Dropbox then does its thing, syncing any changes up to the cloud and back to any Macs attached to the Dropbox – keeping history and bookmarks synced across machines.