App Store One Year Old

It’s true.

I can hardly believe it’s only been a year. In that short time, developers have gone from writing web apps—basically web pages formatted to better-fit the iPhone’s screen—to full blow, cocoa-based applications. And the applications are good. Sure, they’re some crappy apps out there, but I am surprised weekly by something that appears in the catalogue that suddenly changes how I go about my day. And as time goes on, the apps keep getting better.

But as blinding as the bright spots are, the App Store has been marred several times by ridiculous app rejections, slow responses to developers from Apple and even slow payment for developers’ sales. Apple needs to address these issues for developers to remain happy. (Not that I think devs will ever leave the platform, as long as money continues to be made hand-over-fist.)

But even with the issues, OS X still remains the mobile application platform. And as Apple’s market share continues to grow, so will the App Store.