White iPhones Selling Out?


Apple  has been having trouble keeping the entry-level white iPhone in stock since the new 3GS went on sale two and a half weeks ago. But as of Tuesday morning, it has all but disappeared.

The 16 GB model — apparently the most popular — is out of stock in the 30 of the 41 states in which Apple has stores, as well as in the District of Columbia.

It’s available in only one of California’s 45 Apple Stores, 1 of 9 in Massachusetts, 1 of 7 in Illinois, 1 of 6 in Virginia and 1 of 3 New York City.

It’s not clear whether demand for the white 16GB model is unusually high, or if Apple just isn’t making enough of them.

As an owner of a new white iPhone 3GS, I can say—unscientifically—that I am in the minority. I think the shortage is simple: Apple makes more back phones cause the sell better. I don’t see the mystery.