On the Apple Tablet and Snow Leopard

Cult of Mac has published an interesting article discussing the rumored Apple tablet:

The tablet is Apple’s answer to the exploding netbook market, but it won’t be a piece-of-junk netbook. The last thing Apple will do is glom a touchscreen onto a low-cost laptop. It won’t even put a touchscreen on a regular desktop like an iMac. It makes little sense to touch an iMac’s screen when it is sitting upright. But drop the iMac into your lap, and touching objects on the screen makes perfect sense, and seems perfectly natural.

Instead, Apple will address what people DO with their netbooks — surf the Web, watch movies, video chat. It will be capable of some light productivity work, like instant messaging, email or writing blog posts. It’ll be lightweight, easily portable, and have long battery life.

They go on to describe how Snow Leopard is shaping up to be the perfect OS for the device:

As Apple demonstrated at the WWDC programmers conference earlier this year, Snow Leopard will have a slew of “finger-friendly” features, such as Cover Flow throughout, Expose, Stacks and Quick Look.

If the tablet ends up being real, I’d be much more inclined to buy one if it ran Mac OS X, as opposed to the iPhone OS.