On Mobile Working 

Ben Brooks, on using the MacBook Air and/or the iPad:

The iPad is great for wasting small portions of time, the Air not so much. Yes, it is easy enough to pull out the Air and get working on it, but it is far easier to just pull out the iPad. It seems to me that the iPad is made for taking care of the minutia of the day when you only have a short amount of time. By that I mean things like checking RSS feeds, Twitter, Email and OmniFocus are far easier and faster to do with the iPad than they are on the Air in short bursts.

That said everything that I can do on the iPad, I can do faster on the Air, once I get it set up. If I am standing and waiting or lounging on a couch, the iPad is far more convenient to use. If I have a table or more time the Air is a way better option. You never no what situation you may been in, and for only 1.5lbs more I could find a tool to fit most any situation.

A concise way to explain a complex, 21st century problem.