A Foot in Both Camps

The team behind the image editor Pixelmator has gained some press this week by moving 100% to the Mac App Store:

The recently launched Mac App Store makes it easy to explore, purchase, and download apps directly on our Macs. We, the Pixelmator Team, believe that the Mac App Store is going to be an absolute hit and are very excited to be part of it.

And, because it offers so many benefits to our customers, we are fully committed to supporting the Mac App Store by completely moving Pixelmator sales and distribution to the Mac App Store in the upcoming months.

Other software developers have done the same thing, but it isn’t without hassle.[1. Just go read about CoverSutra if you want to see what I mean.]

Not all developers are moving 100% to the App Store, though. Here’s Ken Case from the Omni Group:

I’m very pleased to announce that all of our paid apps are now available through Apple’s new Mac App Store! The Mac App Store is the most convenient way to buy our software, letting you purchase, download, and install our apps with just one step, and easily update our apps at the same time as you update other apps you’ve purchased from the the store.

But to be clear, the Mac App Store is not the only way to buy our software: we’ll continue to offer direct sales and updates through our own website as well. Through our website, we can offer much more flexible terms and options: trial and beta downloads, upgrade pricing, and discounts for volume, bundle, and educational purchases.

I think the Omni Group is doing it right. The App Store doesn’t feel quite done yet, and opens the door to all sorts of customer service issues with upgrading and other issues.

I’m not saying developers or users should avoid the App Store — it’s a great place to find programs, and consolidates the entire experience of downloading, upgrading and more in a nice, neat package.

Sadly’s its just not and nice and neat as it should be.

[via TBR]