I Just *Got* FaceTime

Maybe it’s because I’ve used video chat in the past on my Macs. Maybe it’s just because I just bought an iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s because I’m a little dense sometimes. Whatever the reason, I just now came to realize what FaceTime is all about.

Right now, I’m sitting at the University of Memphis, cramming for a massive exam I have in the morning. My wife Merri just called me from her 4th-generation iPod touch, and I got to see and talk to her and our two kids, right from the palm of my hand. I could wave to our infant daughter, and see our two-year old son show me where his eyes, ears and nose are. Since I missed dinner with them, it was a great way to have just a moment to connect.


Well-played Apple. I’ll never buy a phone without FaceTime ever again. Consider my heartstrings pulled.