‘Stop Worrying’

Dave Caolo, on using file names as an organizational method:

The trick is in how files are named. Ben Brooks wrote about this today. I like his method, though I’ve adopted a simpler syntax. For example, a note meant for 52 Tiger (be it a post idea, reference note, etc.) starts with “52tiger.” The note that became this post was “52tiger text post.” This keeps things in alphabetical order and acts as a simple categorization for the apps that don’t support tags.

I’ve been using this method for quite some time. Here’s a sample screenshot of Notational Velocity running on my iMac. It really is great.

If I could add one thing, it’d be this: I put a lowercase z at the beginning of the file name to archive older notes. This simple addition puts them at the bottom of the list, but preserves my organizational structure. Clever, right?