‘Going Where no Mac Has Gone Before’ 

Francois Fortier:

However, the iPhones and iPads seemed to have crept into most Enterprise class companies from the top floor boardrooms as well as the server rooms in the basements. Not only does the current version of iOS 4.3.1 play nicer with Exchange Activesync than Windows Phone 7 and even Android but its extra management features provide comparable security to BlackBerry Enterprise Server managed BlackBerry’s. In fact, the iPhone comes out tops on this fight too since it doesn’t require a Client Access License for it to be managed. Apple has even released a free tool to allow Exchange Admins to lock out other iPhone features if the need be.

A lot of people have complained that Apple has forgotten about the enterprise, especially with the Xserve being discontinued. However I agree with Fortier — Apple hasn’t forgotten about the enterprise, they’re just attacking it via the iPhone, not the Mac anymore.