Maybe Size Does Matter 

Casey Johnston at Ars, on the HP Veer:

While webOS remains a promising platform with many desirable features, we ultimately found that the Veer, both in terms of physique and power, is not sufficient for anyone performing more than very light and infrequent tasks on their smartphones. The inclusion of a physical keyboard makes the phone decent for messaging (though its keys are quite small) but the size of the screen and the underpowered processor can make moderate to heavy use a chore. The Veer is targeted at those who want latitude in the capabilities of their communication device, but have only a light reliance on the various functions a smartphone can perform.

I really like WebOS, but it is staggering to me that the same company behind it can make such poor hardware on such a consistent basis. WebOS is screaming to be put on an iPhone-like form factor.

Come on HP, while Palm obviously couldn’t pull this off, I know you can do better. Give this great mobile OS the hardware it deserves.