The 13″ MacBook Pro’s Place in an Airy World 

There’s been a lot of smack talk going on about the 13” MacBook Pro recently, and Thomas Brand has gotten sick of it:

The 13 inch MacBook Pro is more than a pound lighter than the 15 inch model. Its smaller dimensions mean it is usable on an economy class airplane tray table. If I am going to have to carry a computer to and from work, all over the hospital, and around the world on business trips I am going to want to have the lightest computer possible to do my job.

I agree with Brand. When I reviewed the machine back in 2009, I was impressed how good of a fit it was for my needs as an IT professional.

The same is true today. In fact, I am picking up the high-end 13” MacBook Pro tomorrow, as a replacement for my Core2Duo 15” MacBook Pro I currently have at work. I’m excited for something faster and smaller to be back in my bag.

This machine is a great cross between power and portability. Pros need FireWire 800, Ethernet and more onboard. I know I can’t live with an Air as my primary machine at work.

While I do think the 13” MacBook Pro’s days are numbered, I suspect that many will be sad when it goes. I know I will be.