New Phone, Old Problems

If I were to go back to Android today, this is the phone I would buy. However, as Nilay Patel points out, there’s a problem:

Lastly, we should note that all of these tweaks and extensions to Android mean that the RAZR won’t get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich until sometime next year. That’s hard to take, especially since we’re expecting Verizon will launch the Galaxy Nexus with 4.0 in the next few weeks. And even when the RAZR does get ICS, you’ll forever be stuck with those four capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen as Google moves Android away from them entirely. Yes, ICS will work with them, but they’re not at the cutting edge of the platform. It may or may not matter to you, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Weird — I thought Google was buying Motorola. It seems that Motorola’s new flagship device didn’t come up in talks.

Pathetic, yet predictable.