The 512 Podcast

I’m happy to announce a new project today: the 512 Podcast.

Produced in conjunction with 70Decibels, and co-hosted by my pal Myke Hurley, the weekly show will cover roughly the same things I do here on the site — Apple, journalism and design.

Episode 01 “Genesis” is available for download now. On it, Myke and I talked about the start 512 Pixels (RIP, Forkbombr), having a voice, goals for the show, blog comments and more.

If you have an app, service, or company you’d like to share with a handsome audience of listeners, you should check out the sponsorship page for 70Decibels.

Here are our subscription options:


This wouldn’t be possible without all of you guys.[1] Thanks so much in advance for checking it out.

  1. This is the first project funded from the membership drive, actually, so double thanks!  ↩