On ‘Jack’s Diary’

Having a kid with cancer sucks. Talking to them about it sucks just as hard.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good resources out there for such conversations, including a new ebook out for the iPad:

Jack’s Diary is an interactive, illustrated story about a little boy’s courage and determination during a confusing and frightening time. The book is a colourful and engaging way to learn about cancer, treatment and getting life back to normal. Animations bring to life and add an element of fun to what can be a difficult subject to discuss with children.

The book has pop-overs, videos and more, all designed to help explain cancer, treatment and life afterwards.

While this book is aimed at leukemia patients, it’s well-worth a look for any parents in similar situations.

It’s available on the iBooks Store for $4. Part of the proceeds go to leukemia research.