Introducing ‘Linked List’ Items

In March, I wrote a good bit about linked lists, and why 512 Pixels didn’t do linked items the way most other sites like it:

At this point, I am not changing the way the site works. I understand that a majority of people who responded to my survey would like me too, but I don’t think I’m doing anything convoluted by writing the way I do.

But after hearing Jim and Dan talk about links, I started getting nervous about if my previous method was the right one. After a nice chat on the phone, Jim encouraged me in how I was linking at the top of my posts, saying the mechanics didn’t really matter as much as intention and practice.

That said, I’ve decided to add DF-style linked list posts to 512 Pixels. My goal has always been to be as transparent as possible when it comes to sources, and this is just another step toward that goal.

I owe a major thanks to my pal PJ, who built some custom stuff on the shoulders of this well-known plugin, articles and linked items now work differently both in the RSS feed and on the site itself.

Linked items now have a double arrow to the right of the headline, indicating that a click will take you off-site, to my source. These items have a link to the on-site permalink both in the RSS feed (at the bottom) and on the site (in the post meta region).

You can see these in action on the previous three links on the site now.

Items without arrows are articles, like this one. They don’t link off anywhere, except in the body of the post.

As always, if you see any weirdness or have any questions or comments, please get in touch. As always, thanks for reading.