‘Repugnant’ →

Nicholas Kristof:

Romney argues that Obamacare is economically inefficient. But where is the efficiency in a system that neglects routine physicals and preventive care, and then pays $550,000 in bills as a result? To me, this is repugnant economically as well as morally.

In the Romney system, people like Scott would remain uninsured. And they would be unable to buy insurance because of their cancer history.

I have written a lot about this, and I will keep writing about it because it matters not only my family, but to millions of other families. A Romney administration would potentially gut the healthcare reform passed by Obama, leaving my son — and millions of others with long-term diseases — with a much darker future. Romney’s system holds people responsible for being stricken with a terrible disease, leaving them unable to pay for or even receive insurance benefits.

That just isn’t right.