Forbes Contributor, to Apple: Hang Up on the iPhone »

Richard Saintvilus, at

However, for the company to truly move forward as a tech power, Apple should hang-up on the iPhone after one more iteration – presumably the iPhone 6. You might disagree. Granted, the phone is still selling well. However, aside from a different chip and larger screen, the change from the 4S to iPhone 5 was not that significant.

Where should Apple go, after killing off one of the most profitable products in modern history?

Instead, Apple needs to focus on its TV ambitions, which I’ve said should include the Facebook “like” button. The company should start focusing on ways to dominate the smarthome and the smartcar – perhaps making a bid for a company such as Sirius XM or Pandora. The smartphone market has become too saturated, especially with Research In Motion’s resurgence and Amazon’s expected entry into the market.

Also, for quite some time, the company has hinted on wearable technology. “It’s time” for the iWatch or its iWear line of devices. This is an area in which Google has already shown interest. And for Apple, this will be the answer to that chronic “what’s next” question. And the company will finally be able to put to rest that other annoying question – can it still innovate?

A better question: did no one at Forbes read this thing before Saintvilus published it? Sirius Xm is a good investment? RIM’s resurgence? If I just put “catchy phrases” in quotes will Forbes pay me hundreds of dollars to throw something together without thinking about what makes sense?

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