Heading West

Tomorrow, I get in my car to drive to Little Rock, Arkansas[1] to fly to San Francisco.

Last time I was in San Francisco was for last year’s Macworld. At the end of that trip, I wrote:

I’ve struggled with questions concerning online friendships in the past. This week, I learned that people I know from the Internet are real people and — more importantly — that our friendships are real, even though we don’t see each other most of the time.

This year, it’s different. While in 2012, I was unsure what it would be like meeting my “online friends,” this year, I can’t wait to get there and have a beer with some of my buddies.

  1. Even though Memphis is the busiest cargo airport in the US, commercial flights continue to get cut while the remaining ones become more expensive. Thankfully, Little Rock is a nice city and I have friends there. They have a bidet. I’m sort of afraid to use it. I mean, on paper at least, it seems really weird. Wait, what were we talking about?  ↩