Apple Stores Replacing iPhone 5 Screens, And This is How They Do It

Yesterday, the story broke that Apple is replacing iPhone 5 screens in-store. For $149, most Genius Bars are now able to swap a shattered screen in just a few minutes.

(A full out-of-warranty swap runs $229.)

After the repair, the iPhone tech uses the below machine to calibrate a display’s functionality:

From what I’ve heard, Apple Stores have been instructed that the iPhone is the “top priority” for the Genius Bar, and this new repair and crazy machine surely reflect that. In addition to the program changes, many stores have Geniuses that are dedicated to iPhone repairs for sections of their shifts. In short, Apple is pouring resources in to in-store iPhone repairs.

“We’re bringing China to the Genius Room,” one employee said.

Sure seems like it.