Welcome to The Prompt

As discussed at the end of last week’s episode of CMD+Space, the 512 Podcast is coming to a close. Next week’s episode — recorded live in San Francisco — will be our last.

Don’t be sad.[1] I’m not, because it’s being replaced by something even better. A new show called The Prompt.

The Prompt is a weekly panel discussion on technology and the culture surrounding Apple and related companies on the mighty 5by5 network.

The show is co-hosted by myself, Myke Hurley and Federico Viticci of MacStories fame.

In fact, Viticci was on the 512 Podcast this week to talk about WWDC, iOS 7 and the new show.

Each week, we’ll be looking at not only the news, but the ecosystem and culture around Apple and its products.

The real twist is what we do with guests. Instead of the three of us running around trying to cover everything, we’re building an army of correspondents.

If you subscribe to the 512 Podcast, I’m told you should start receiving episodes of the new show automatically.

Oh, and we have some kick-ass artwork, done by Jory Raphael:

  1. If you are sad, you can see a full archive of the show here.  ↩