Revisiting Notes 

A couple of years ago, I shared how I take meeting notes with a standard form I created.[1]

While that post is still one of the most-visited on 512, I thought it was time to revisit the topic after receiving several questions about my notebook of choice:

I know that Field Notes are super popular in our corner of the Internet, but they really are as good as everyone says they are. They aren’t the cheapest notebooks for sale, but they are durable and fit really well in your back pocket. Plus, with special editions — like the new “Night Sky” edition pictured above — there’s an element of fun associated with collecting the notebooks.

Thanks to falling in love with Field Notes notebooks, I’ve given up on the Capture Form itself, but still organize meeting notes in a similar fashion.

The critical thing about the Capture Form was the way information was organized, and I can still do that, but on something I already have in my pocket that’s small and light.

Like with the Capture Form, I scan filled-in pages for reference later, and enter tasks into OmniFocus by hand.[2] It’s repeat work, but it keeps me off my laptop or iOS device when I should be paying attention while in a meeting or on a call.

  1. If you start clicking links back through that post, you’ll come across some dark times in my GTD life. Sigh.  ↩
  2. In fact, once I fill a Field Notes notebook — which takes 3–4 weeks — I scan the whole thing and dump the PDF in Evernote.  ↩