Siri, Define ‘Drama’

Richard Padilla at MacRumors:

Atlanta resident and veteran voice actress Susan Bennett has claimed in an interview with CNN that she is original voice of Siri, Apple’s popular iOS voice assistant that was first introduced with the iPhone 4s two years ago today. While Apple has not confirmed the information, the report states that professionals within the technology industry are familiar with her voice, and cites an audio forensics expert with 30 years of experience who is certain that Bennett’s voice and the voice of Apple’s digital personal assistant are the same.

Last month, The Verge published a feature on Siri that gave Allison Dufty credit for being Siri. The Verge has run a slight correction.

Meanwhile, Dufty has added this to her homepage:

Allison Dufty is an award-winning writer, producer and voiceover artist AND is absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri, a case of mistaken identity that has by now gone around the world of the internet and back again-and yet is still wrong!

I’m changing my “About Me” page to address this ridiculous mistake that won’t end.

Of course, with iOS 7, Siri’s voice has been updated, hopefully leaving behind this craziness.