September: The First Lady comes to Memphis →

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Jackson Baker:

A child asked: Would she be willing to do a selfie with the patient group? “We’ll do a self-ie, an us-sie, a you-sie, a we-sie, whatever you guys want to do,” Michelle Obama answered.

And, at the end of her chat with the patients and their parents, she did just that, posing for a group portrait.

For something like an hour on Wednesday, in front of a watching and fascinated press corps who had waited a good two hours for her late plane to arrive, she had supplied the children of St. Jude with something beyond the well-known state-of-the-art treatment and the committed care-giving of the famous institution.

She turned the place into a kind of Camelot, all right — right here in Memphis, Tennessee.

This sort of national attention — no matter how fleeting — is great for the hospital. However, perhaps more importantly, these kids and their parents have memories of this visit that will become part of their family story.

Stories that should be bigger than cancer.