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Instagram is great. We love seeing our friends’ photos and interacting with them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove boring photos, tap on URLs, view multiple accounts, and browse natively on the iPad?

That’s where Primary comes in. Primary is a universal Instagram gallery app for iOS that lets you do more. Like hide all those pictures, people, tags, and videos you don’t want to see. You can tap on URLs. You can switch between accounts.

We could go on: pinch-to-zoom, simple lists, native iPad support, light and dark themes, 1Password support, background updating. You get the idea. Don’t believe us? Ask Beautiful Pixels: “Gorgeous.” Ask Fstoppers: “You’d really be hard pressed to find something that works as well, as beautifully, or as intuitively as Primary.” Ask MacLife “We’re jumping for joy over Primary for Instagram 3.0.”

Primary is free with one in-app upgrade. Go try it.