Images of updated iPods found in iTunes 12.2 →

Juli Clover at MacRumors:

A bit more digging around in iTunes 12.2 has unearthed additional iPod images, giving us a look at each of the new color options we might see should Apple be planning to release new models.

The images depict six different color options for the iPod nano, shuffle, and touch, showing each model in silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue, and light gold. The latter three colors, pink, blue, and gold, are new shades that are not currently available. The space gray model may be slightly darker than the existing color, but it’s difficult to determine from images alone.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen substantial iPod rumors. The iPod nano was last updated in September 2012, while the iPod shuffle was last updated in September 2010. The iPod touch was slightly refreshed in May of 2013, but it’s really the same device Apple launched in September 2012 with an A5 processor.

While this rumor seems solid, I’m a little surprised to see all three remaining iPod models being prepared for refresh. I can see a world where the iPod nano goes away without much fuss.