More on the Rumored ‘Dynamic Function Row’ →

Mark Gurman, writing about how the buttons on the next-generation MacBook Pro’s OLED keyboard display may vary based on usage:

For example, if a user is on their desktop, the screen will show a virtual representation of the standard function row, which includes brightness and media controls. When in an application, the virtual row will show options specific to the task at hand, but volume controls and a switch to show the default functions will always be present. The Safari web browser would enable controls for finding and defining terms, while the iMovie video editor would offer controls for cutting clips and a more-precise volume slider, the people said.

This fits with earlier reports, but I still have questions. If these buttons are changing every time I jump between apps, how distracting will that prove? Do I have to be in Finder to adjust my screen’s brightness? What happens if I’m in an app that doesn’t support the display?

I guess we’ll find out in October.