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StickerBook is an iMessage app that lets you turn any image into a reusable sticker in iMessage. It is great for sending cute pictures of your kids — or really old Macs — to all of your friends.

StickerBook can add images from almost anywhere. You can add from your photo library, your camera, any system document provider (like iCloud Drive), or even the clipboard.

You can also add a sticker from any app that allows sharing an image with the standard share sheet.

After selecting an image, you can crop it to a shape from a set of predefined shapes in the app (my favorite is that stamp). You can zoom, pan, or rotate the image to get it positioned in the shape just right.

Best of all, you can do all of this right from iMessage so you don’t have to leave the context of your conversations.

You can find out more information about StickerBook here or pick it up on the App Store.