Chasing Rainbow Tales →

Jessie and Kathy have launched a Kickstarter that deserves to be funded:

Our purpose with Chasing Rainbow Tales is to help open up a dialogue about these tough subjects between children and their trusted allies.

We’re hoping to help lighten the burden for these children by sharing these books with the world that are based on real life instances and letting some light shine on these subjects. We are hoping that it will help give more children the confidence to come forward & begin the healing process.

Each story might not be for everyone in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily describe a journey that every child has been on… however each story will be for everyone in the sense that they may be able to understand and relate more to someone who has gone through that situation. Hopefully by sharing the stories it helps break down walls and leads to compassion and understanding among eers.

We’ve had to talk to our kids about some really tough shit like cancer, death and suffering. Having good tools to do so has proved critical for our family, and this project is about giving parents and kids a common, safe place to meet and talk about things through the power of story.

I know we all back all sorts of silly tech projects, but this is worth your consideration.