Introducing Download →

In August 2016, Myke Hurley and Jason Snell spent several days with me here in Memphis. We had many conversations about our work and the future of Relay FM.

One late afternoon, we had drinks at the top of a metal pyramid that is now a Bass Pro Shop to talk through an idea for a new show.

While most of our tech podcasts are about a certain company or a specific corner of tech, we’ve wanted to do something broader for a while. We sketched out a panel-driven show about the week’s most important technology stories.

Today, we’re launching that show. It’s called Download, and the first episode is available now.

Jason Snell is the host. Each week, he and two guests will talk through the biggest three tech topics of the week, plus one or two you may have missed. This format gives us another show we where we can work on bringing new and diverse voices to the network.

I’m working behind the scenes as the producer to help keep the wheels of the machine turning. The first episode was a lot of fun to put together, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.

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