A Trip to Barcelona with iOS 11 

Federico has published his iOS 11 wishes and concept video and article. It’s a deep-dive into what Apple could do this summer to really push the iPad to the next level:

We haven’t seen something truly new, bold, and transformational happen on the iPad platform in nearly two years. It’s time for Apple to step up their game and continue pursuing the vision for the future of computing set forth in 2015. There’s so much more work to be done with iOS, multitasking, and the redefinition of computing for the multitouch era. The iPad Pro can be a computer for everything, but it needs another leap forward to become the computer for everyone. And that can’t happen without a serious reconsideration of its software.

To go along with this, we recorded a special episode of Connected walking through the article and our thoughts on the features Federico put forth in it.

Federico has been working on this thing for three months, and it really shows. It’s an incredible project.