‘Apple Should Probably Just Build a Mac Tower’ →

Andrew Cunningham has put together a great article looking at the history of Hackintoshing, and the reasons many decide to build their own macOS-running computers:

It’s 2017. The desktop computer market is a little boring. Apple needs to find the courage to let its desktops be a little boring. It would serve the company’s pro users better, and the non-pro users are unlikely to care. They’re mostly buying laptops anyway.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why Apple has said it’s going to take at least the rest of this year to ship a new Mac Pro. I’m worried that Apple can’t help itself, and is going to try too hard to make something clever and beautiful. 

Real pros don’t care as much about those things as other users do, and Apple should strive to build something simple and straight-forward. Surely that could shave some time off the project, as a bonus.