Amazon Announces new Kindle Oasis »

I’m a big fan of my Kindle Oasis. It’s my third or fourth Kindle, and I love how small and lightweight it is.

I have two main complaints: having a battery pack and cover makes it a little too fiddly, and the thing really should be waterproof.

Amazon has answered both of these with the new Kindle Oasis.

The new e-ink reader boasts a larger, 7-inch, 300-ppi display in a waterproof housing. Now, all of the battery is in the device itself, which is now aluminum, not soft-touch plastic.

The new Oasis has another trick up its sleeve, however, as Dan Moren writes at Six Colors:

Amazon’s also added Audible support to the Oasis, though it doesn’t sport any internal speakers. Instead you can use Bluetooth to stream Audible books to connected headphones or speakers—or, at least, you’ll be able to when Amazon releases a software update after the Oasis ships. Owners of 8th-generation Kindles and the original Oasis will also get Audible support with a free over-the-air update “in the coming months.”

I’m going to sit this upgrade cycle out, but if you have an older Kindle and want to upgrade, this Oasis looks great.