Angela Ahrendts Profiled by BuzzFeed →

Nicole Nguyen at BuzzFeed’s profile is pretty great. This part jumped out at me, naturally:

Ahrendts also made a number of refinements to in-store service. Going to the Apple Store “shouldn’t be like going the dentist,” she said. You can now get a text message when someone at the Genius Bar is available, instead of having to wait around. That bar has also been, in some locations, refashioned into an airy “Grove” with additional seating. Updating the Genius area may be the most visible operations work Ahrendts is doing. Getting a broken iPhone, Mac, or iPad serviced remains a frustrating experience for many.

Apple can make it stores as beautiful as they want, but until it can more effectively manage the many, many customers who show up needing support, the stores will still be frustrating. For what it’s worth, I know my local Apple Store has gotten much better about accommodating walk-in customers with things like broken iPhone screens. However, the last several times I’ve looked to book an appointment, I can’t do it for multiple days. There’s still progress to be made.