iPhone X Pre-order Notes

I, like many of you, ordered an iPhone X earlier today. Here are some notes on my experience.

Pre-orders roll around at 2 AM in my time zone. I set an alarm for 1:50 AM and another for 1:52. I even set HomeKit to turn on my lamp at 1:51, but that silently failed.

I successfully ordered an AT&T 256 GB iPhone X in Silver from Apple. I have an in-store pickup scheduled for 8 AM on launch day, November 3. The order process went very smoothly for me. I tapped the Silver iPhone, added AppleCare+, gave the App Store my AT&T phone number and paid with Apple Pay.

I was pretty torn on what color to buy, so I have both the Silver and Space Gray favorited in the Apple Store app. If my iPad had connected to the store before my iPhone, I was going to order the black. As I have the silver, you can correctly guess that I ordered on my iPhone.

According to my email from Apple, my order went through at 2:40 AM. From what I was seeing on Twitter and in the Relay FM Slack, I got in on the early side of things. I saw a bunch of tweets from people saying that the carrier confirmation step was falling over just a few minutes after I ordered.

Other folks are stuck in a weird loop with the upgrade program:

As of this writing, the iPhone X is 5-6 weeks out on the Apple Store, so I think the reports of limited quantities ended up being true.

While my group of nerd friends is not representative of Apple’s customer base at large, almost every Apple nerd I know has ordered or will be ordering an iPhone X. The additional cost hasn’t seemed to slow the enthusiast crowd down all that much.