I picked up a 256 GB iPhone XS Max. My iPhone X is silver, so I am going Space Gray this time around to mix it up. As usual, I have a black leather case that I won’t use very often coming as well.

I’m a little nervous that the Max is going to be too big, so I’m holding onto my iPhone X for now. I need to have the crack in the rear glass dealt with anyways, so it’s going to be a 5.8-inch safety net for a couple of weeks.

Oddly, very few iPhone models showed as available for pickup at my local Apple Store when ordering in the iOS app, so I’m stuck waiting for a delivery next Friday.

There’s no Series 4 Apple Watch coming my way yet. I’ve taken to only wearing my Series 3 on days I exercise, and after spending way too much money on a phone, I’m sitting this one out for now. Besides, I want to try the new sizes on before ordering.