Brent Simmons’ Inessential Turns 20 →

Brent Simmons:

It started like this: at the time I was working at UserLand Software on a blogging app called Manila, and this was my own personal Manila blog. It’s gone through a few other engines since then. (These days it’s rendered — as a static site — by some Ruby scripts.)

It‘s tempting to think that The Thing of my career has been NetNewsWire. And that’s kinda true. But the thing I’ve done the longest, love the most, and am most proud of is this blog.

Twenty years is an amazing run, and I’ve been a happy reader for almost all of them. I enjoy Brent’s writing and few have a better perspective on the Mac. If you aren’t reading him, you should be.

As a side note, Brent is the guest on the next episode of Mac Power Users, where we talk about this and a whole lot more. Look for it on Sunday.