Sponsor: Moderation, a Radically Simple Food Diary App →

Moderation is a radically simple food diary, with a beautiful iOS-centric UI that aims to bring the fun back to tracking what you eat.

The app removes the complexity of scanning barcodes or counting calories, and instead presents a simple interface to quickly record if what you have eaten was healthy or not.

People who track what they eat are more aware of their eating choices and Moderation makes this as simple as possible, all from just one tap per meal.

Although Moderation is designed to be simple, it also includes advanced features such as Siri Shortcuts, Dark Mode and the ability to log your meals straight from the notifications.

There is no sign up required, no ads or nasty tracking, and best of all — it is a free download from the App Store.

Check out Moderation now and start tracking your food in a simple and fun way.